Process tank designed to recover the noble lees and put them back in suspension to favor the batonnage process. It keeps the temperature of the mass of the musts uniform during the fermentation phase.


Ideal during the fermentation and refrigeration phases because with intermittent movements of the blade it makes the whole mass of musts or wines homogeneous.


adjustable legs h. 1000+100, central manhole Ø 400, n. 2 cooling jackets on cylinder with 1"1/4 connections, elliptical door 330x440, closed gauge level reconnected to the washing pipe, pump over/washing pipe complete with valve, ball and srayer, alcool thermometer, n. 2 valves DN 50, thermowell with renforcement bracket, ladder hook, sample faucet, inox identification label, lifting hooks, batonnage blade with stainless steel control panel.

Convenient to mix different masses of product and to quickly dissolve chemical products in liquids. During the refrigeration phase the movement of the blade favors the thermal exchange of the cavities, thus reducing the refrigeration times.

Ø (mm): 2220
总高度(毫米): 4140
HL(百升): 100
材料类型: AISI 304 L / AISI 316 L
可用性: Opportunity
储罐外表面处理: Marble finish
储罐内表面处理: Mirror polished
储罐焊接的外表面处理: Satin
配件焊接的内表面处理: Mirror polished
顶部: Conical 10 °
检修孔盖: Decentralized
门: Elliptical
阀门: Ø and model on request
支脚: Adjustable
  • Batonnage
  • Fermentation




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