Process tank supplied complete with insulation and air space (steam or glycol or watertight solutions) and provision for processing in aseptic environments; equipped with specific stirrer to mix different types of product. It can work in pressure or depression. The inside of the tank is processed to present finishes suitable for operating in aseptic environments.


Farmatank guarantees the development of processes in situations of pressure up to +10 bar and absolute vacuum, in a temperature range from -20 ° C to + 120 ° C.

They are tanks characterized by large thicknesses and conical or convex bottoms, able to withstand stresses generated by very high temperatures and pressures. They can be supplied with PED or ASME testing and are designed to work with an aseptic process.

Ø (mm): 0
总高度(毫米): 0
HL(百升): 0
材料类型: AISI 304 L
可用性: Only to order
储罐外表面处理: Marble finish / BA mirror / Satin
储罐内表面处理: Mirror polished
储罐焊接的外表面处理: Satin
配件焊接的内表面处理: Mirror polished
顶部: Conical / Convex / Piano
检修孔盖: Central / Decentralized
门: Model on request
阀门: Ø and model on request
支脚: Fixed / Adjustable / On pallets / On wheels
  • Storage
  • Mixing
  • PED
  • ASME




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