Complete range of small (from 75 LT to 15.5 HL) and medium tanks (from 15.6 to 50 HL) for the storage of liquid products at temperature and atmospheric pressure, complete with all the service accessories.


To store small quantities of products based on the sectors, as well as transport, move or mix various liquids, depending on the sector of use.

Storage of small and medium quantities of liquids; they adapt to many different types of products, depending on the sector in which they operate. The tanks are made in various shapes to guarantee the satisfaction of every storage and transport requirement.

Ø (mm): 0
总高度(毫米): 0
HL(百升): 0
材料类型: AISI 304 L
可用性: Only to order
储罐外表面处理: Marble finish
储罐内表面处理: Mirror polished
储罐焊接的外表面处理: Satin
配件焊接的内表面处理: Mirror polished
顶部: Conical / Floating
检修孔盖: Central
门: Round
底部: Conico / Piano
阀门: Ø and model on request
支脚: Fixed
  • Fermentation
  • Handling
  • Storage
  • Transport




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